Mood is both created and found in the emotions of the event, and the many subtle choices made in planning — communication, guest experience, shifts in music and lighting, and elements of surprise — among many others. Before you choose a venue and a date, postpone the urge to move too quickly, and consider how you want your celebration to feel.

Choose a few words that describe how you want to feel on your wedding day – warm, elegant, approachable, timeless, effortless, emotional? These feelings will guide your aesthetic, style choices, and your venue search. With these as a starting point, your venue and vendors can be selected based on style choices,  which result in a more cohesive event and greater confidence in the selection of details.



Often, planning checklists will list venue selection first, but for a truly cohesive design, I always recommend curating your guest list, as well as identifying a general feel of the type of service, entertainment, and aesthetic before selecting an event space.

While considering possible venues, keep in mind the colors and textures of your event space and the mood a venue conveys – cohesive design requires careful consideration of the environment, and designing for events is no exception!



Color is one of the ways we set the mood through which our designs are seen. Color conveys meaning, and is key tool for visually communicating the mood and feeling of the event. Color creates emphasis, depth, and visual weight in various spaces and vignettes at an event.

How color is used in pairings, transitions in different spaces and at different times are all design considerations to keep in mind. I recommend being mindful of using too many colors – offer contrast, but not too much!



If you’re unsure about your wedding style, start small. Look around you. What inspires you? What do you consistently choose and love in fashion? Home decor?  Art?  What are your favorite spaces to spend time in?

Look for images that speak to you, and draw color inspiration from them. Choose several shades of the colors that you like. These areas of your life can be a great starting point for inspiration, and will guide you as you begin to plan an event that truly represents you.



We believe that thoughtful investments in the right vendors for your event is the foundation for a successful experience. Celebrations large and small take a team of talent, working hand in hand to bring vision to life. We love to partner with creatives committed to excellence, quality, and superior client experience – we couldn’t do what we do without our creative partners, and we want you to know and appreciate them too.



Do more for fewer people. This is one of our favorite tips for creating a truly memorable wedding day or event.  Bring together your closest friends and family, and host them in an unforgettable way.

Make thoughtful selections, choose wisely and intentionally, honor your guests with gracious hospitality, and surprise them in the details — you’ll create memories to last a lifetime.