Celebration is an art, and each wedding its own masterpiece.

We inspire and nurture a spirit of celebration and gratitude
by creating quality environments and experiences that are cherished
as a personal and meaningful expression of our client’s joy.

Celebrations are so much more than just events – they are an expression of gratitude for the things in our lives that matter most. Weddings capture a moment when guests are blessed for being part of our lives. This celebration is a greater reflection of our ongoing daily celebrations, joys, and love.

Your vision for an event is all-encompassing, and our comprehesive approach leaves no element of the event unpolished. It starts with a dream that becomes an idea, then evolves into a creation that needs artistic direction and meticulous planning. Our team’s incredible work ethic and commitment to client experience gives you the freedom to fully delight in the celebration, through both the process of planning and the experience of the celebration.

As a fourth-generation entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in client service roles, and an uncanny ability to source and build the right team for any event, Stefanie’s goal is always to design the perfect recipe of concept, scale, personalities, and resources to match her clients’ needs.

With over 100 weddings and projects around the world since 2009, many of which have been featured in and on the cover of various local and national publications, Stefanie’s experience and compassionate approach puts her clients’ minds at ease. Stefanie’s thoughtful insight combined with creative vision for her clients and the wedding industry lead to consistently creative and personal results.

In recent years, Stefanie’s personal interest and passion for cross-cultural communication has been an asset to international projects in Mexico, France, Italy, Dominican Republic and the U.A.E. Her passion for exploration – places, ideas, visual arts, history and culture bring a unique perspective to her work.

Stefanie’s foundation is found in her faith, her family and her community and her own daily inspirations are gathering people around a table or a cup of coffee, exploring new places near and far, time on the tennis court, searching out the newest La Croix flavors, and brunch, anytime!

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